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2014 Burris National Speedway Series Introduction

Welcome to the Burris National Sprint and Speedway Series! Both the BNSS and F200 programs are making big strides again compared to last season with programs expanding nationwide into both the sprint and oval markets. The F200 racing format is growing at an impressive rate in the Midwest (sprint & oval) and is steadily expanding to many sprint tracks up and down the West coast. Additional sprint F200 programs are in the works in Canada and a strong North East Asphalt oval circuit featuring the F200's is quickly becoming the premier asphalt oval series in that region. (The F200's superior power and higher quality engine components, versus the other "traditional" 4 cycle spec engines, has attracted interest from the 2 cycle crowd which has been a big help broadening its acceptance to all segments of karting.)

Mini Sprints, Outlaw RWYB Karts, Jr Dragsters, as well as quarter and half midgets have all jumped on the F200 band wagon and it is becoming a legitimate engine structure in those forms of racing. With this wide acceptance, F200 is recognized as a "universal" format for many small engine racing groups and is a testament to the popularity of the concept and the recognition of the stable rules that govern it!

Take a look at our oval class structure and note that we still have classes for the 5 hp Briggs flat heads and we intend on keeping them in the program as long as there is sufficient participation to warrant this. We don't believe it would be fair or equitable to mix them with other engines (such as F200's or Animal's) so they will remain as stand alone classes as long as there is support. Our aim is to transition people leaving the flat head classes into F200 so that we can eventually reach our goal of an all F200 class structure within the BNSS. As participation gets to higher levels, we can then start modifying the class structure to one that is similar to Moto-Cross where the classes reflect a person's skill level or commitment, such as amateur, Masters, Pro, etc, and not what engine(s) or modifications they have. This way there are classes for the new drivers and/or Saturday night racers (Amateur) so they don't have to compete against the factory or sponpored (Pro) drivers, classes for our bigger and older Senior drivers or Super Heavy, and of course the F200 Pro classes to showcase our top drivers, engine builder and tuners. Also note that we have added specs for the "Clone" engine. These engines are available from many sources and are an inexpensive way to get people into our sport. These rules give our many BNSS tracks around the country the common structure and guidelines they need for the Clone to compete seamlessly just like other engines of the BNSS.

Within karting only the F200 format can accomplish this because the engine rules are generic (like chassis rules); therefore the BNSS class structure won't be fragmented like the other sanctioning bodies do: with their Stock, Controlled Stock, TAG, one brand "Spec" engine formats. This structure change is being readily accepted throughout the industry and with the rapid growth of the BNSS and F200 this format looks like it will be a reality before long.

For those of you who are new to the BNSS and the F200 programs, take a minute and go to, click on the "F200" button at the top, and check out the "Concept and Rules". This will give you an insight into this exciting new format that is really coming in to its own and is now having a big influence on karting's future.

The growing interest in F200 from companies such as: Yamaha, Honda and Kohler, along with a large number of the automotive aftermarket businesses (K&N, Dyno Cams, Wiseco, Cometic Gaskets, etc) see this as an opportunity to participate in our sport from which they have been summarily excluded from in the past because other sanctioning bodies insistence on allowing only "approved", "homologated", and "spec" replacement parts.

The aftermarket companies have huge resources and will give BNSS participants the well deserved recognition and support, pledging to be a big part of our future growth! The simplicity and stability of the rules (with no meaningful changes in the last 10 years!) have given these companies an incentive to participate, which will result in a "win/win" situation for everyone involved!

Once again, the BNSS has made great strides in the last year, and with the help of the many dedicated and loyal supporters will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you and best of luck in the coming year!

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